We know that eating a healthy diet helps people be their best at home, work and school.  We also know that not everyone in Connecticut has the same opportunity to put healthy food on the table.

The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP; formerly known as Food Stamps) allows low-income residents to buy food with an EBT card at stores and farmers markets in their area.  The program helps its recipients and their local economies by increasing spending at local businesses. First Choice Health Centers aims to increase SNAP enrollment in CT to allow more residents to access healthy food.

For more information on SNAP enrollment please contact Peaches at 860-610-6137

To find a store or farmers market near you that accepts EBT, click on the links below:

Do I qualify for SNAP?

You may qualify for SNAP, even if you have a job, home and/or car.

Income limits for most households are:

Household SizeGross Income
1$1,815/month (about $21,600/year)
2 $2,456/month (about $29,100/year)
3$3,098/month (about $36,624/year)
4$3,739/month (about $44,136/year)
55 $4,380/month (about $51,636/year)
6$5,022/month (about $59,160/year)
7$5,663/month (about $66,672/year)
8$6,304/month (about $74,172/year)