Care Coordination

Care Coordination

Care Coordination
Care CoordinationAt First Choice Health Centers we are dedicated to breaking down barriers to care through our commitment to care coordination and utilizing the PCMH (Patient Centered Medical Home) model of care.

Our goal is to provide better care and better access for a healthier patient population. We understand your health and wellbeing is just as much emotional as it is physical. A holistic approach is a winning approach.

The role of a patient care coordinator is to participate as a part of your care team and help in the assessment of your needs. In doing so, your needs are assessed, organize and share within your team. With your help we are able to agree on a course of care for your best health outcome.

Your care team ensures that everyone involved in your wellness is on the same page within First Choice Health Centers and beyond by managing medical referrals or community resource referrals. This may include be is not limited to arranging transportation services and assisting you to manage your social service needs.

Our care coordinators don’t just manage and monitor your care, they care about you as a person.

Ivette Santiago

Behavioral Health Care Coordinator
265 Ellington Rd., East Hartford
860-528-1359 ext. 261

Yahaira Garcia
Care Coordinator serving Manchester & Vernon patients
150 Main St. Manchester
860-528-1359 ext. 224

Peaches Smith
Care Coordinator
94 Connecticut Blvd., East Hartford
860-528-1359 ext. 137

Iris Acosta
Care Coordinator
92 Connecticut Blvd., East Hartford
860-528-1359 ext.216

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