Mobile Dental Office

Mobile Dental Office
Mobile DentalOur mobile dental office features two state-of-the-art exam rooms offering dental services during normal school hours at schools throughout Connecticut.

What is the School Dental Program?
The school dental program is a mobile hygiene program that goes directly to the schools to provide students with a dental cleaning, visual examination, x-rays, fluoride treatment and oral hygiene instructions. Our program will also apply dental sealants when needed.

Where does the Mobile Dental Office go?
We service Public, CREC and CRT Schools throughout Connecticut. Our program continues to grow and we are reaching out to other towns as well. (Please ask for a list of participating schools if needed)

Who is eligible for the program?
All students are eligible for the program. The program will serve as a convenience for parents—helping you stay on top of your child’s medical needs while you avoid leaving work for appointments and your child has less time out of the classroom.

How can students sign up for the program?
We accept registration forms all year long. At the beginning of the school year a registration packet goes home with each student. The enrollment form is completed and returned to the school nurse. If the student did not receive a registration packet they can get one from the school nurse or call our office and one will be mailed to them. Each student registered will receive two dental cleanings/fluoride, exams and possibly restoratives throughout their school years at the school location.
Download our Enrollment Form

What if they have to pay for the services?
No money is collected at school. All co-pays or out of pocket expenses will be billed to the parents. As a Federally Qualified Health Center we are proud to provide our services regardless of the patient’s ability to pay. We accept Medicare, Medicaid and private insurances, as well as offer a sliding-fee scale for income eligible and uninsured patients as well as payment arrangements. Learn more about Payment Services & Billing.

What if a child has a cavity or signs of infection?
A note goes home with each student after they see the dental hygienist explaining their visit. Our dental school coordinator calls each parent if cavities are found or any dental concerns need to be addressed. We offer the student an appointment in our office or on the Mobile Dental Office, or if needed we can provide a referral to their regular dentist.