Parents As Teachers

Parents As Teachers

Parents As Teachers
Parents as TeachersParents as Teachers (PAT) is a free program that offers home visits, parent child interactive activities, playgroups, family focus groups, and various health-related and developmental screenings to participating families.

All young children and their families deserve the same opportunities to succeed. The Parents as Teachers’ mission is to promote the optimal early development, learning, and health of children by supporting and engaging their parents and caregivers.

The Parents as Teachers family support provider’s goals are the following:

  • Provide the parent with knowledge of early childhood development
  • Reviews Milestones/Ages and Stages
  • Focus on parent/family well-being
  • Connect families to community resources
  • Provide and share information to build parent resilience
  • Encourages a healthy lifestyle by providing information surrounding safety, physical wellness, and emotional well-being
The Parents as Teachers family support provider assists parents understanding and appreciating the diverse cultures and traditions of all families who live in Hartford County.

Enrollment Guidelines

  • Accepts prenatal: Mothers currently pregnant
  • Accepts postnatal: Mothers that have given birth
  • For Traditional Home Visiting: Babies 4 months and under
  • For Fatherhood Program: Babies 7 months and under
  • Can have DCF involvement
  • May have multiple children
  • All families are welcome regardless of their household income and residency status

More than a dozen outcome studies have been conducted on the effects of the Parents as Teachers model. Evaluations have been supported by various states, school districts, private foundations, universities and research organizations. With each new evaluation, we continue to learn about the children and families served by Parents as Teachers and the long-term impacts on communities.
Evaluation results show:

  • Children’s developmental delays and health problems are detected early
  • Children enter kindergarten ready to learn and the achievement gap is narrowed
  • Children achieve school success into the elementary grades
  • Parents improve their parenting knowledge and skills
  • Parents are more involved in their children’s schooling
  • Families are more likely to promote children’s language and literacy
  • Foundational 2 Training (3 Yr. to K Entry)
  • Addressing Autism Within Families
  • Life Skills Progression
  • Partnering With Teen Parents
  • Supporting Care Providers Through Personal Visits
  • Interactions Across Abilities
  • Diversity in Families, Children and You